I started up my ACNL game after a week of not playing and Lopez was in boxes and I have no way to wifi with anyone. Lopez is one of the original 5 and the third of the only originals left in my town so he is very important to me. I refuse to void him so I will be keeping my town on the same day until I am able to wifi with someone. I will not be able to wifi until August 2nd/3rd but if you are interested in Lopez and would like to give him a permanent home please let me know! I won’t be able to reply until after exams are over, sorry for the trouble in advance.

FINALS!!!! Finals are next week so I’ll be away from tumblr & LINE while I focus on my studies. I want that 4.0 for my first semester hrghhh so my blog will be inactive  and I will not be replying to messages so just a heads up. Please enjoy this week & next I’ll see you all August 2nd!


i dont know how to draw swords??