Anonymous said:
You're so adorable its no wonder you have so many friends here! Tbh I've never had a friend in this community... I've never played acnl with anyone before... What's it like?

I got carried away replying I’m so sorry please forgive me ohgosh

Anonymous said:
Should I get a Japanese version of acnl? What would the benefits be?

Hello thank-you for the question curios anon, I don’t actually own a Japanese version of ACNL so I’m not an expert on this but here is what I do know! There are certain name changes depending on the version you have and i know there are certain region only DLC’s and events. I’m sure there are other differences as well but those are the only ones I know really! I think any benefits would really be the fun events and maybe hosting visits for non-japanese version towns, and getting to see all the names and characters in a different language hahah I thick any version you own has it’s ups and downs and if you have the time,or obey to spare then I think you’d enjoy trying another regions game.